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at Salone del Mobile

At Salone del Mobile 2024, DEDON's “Beyond Boundaries: Innovation Inspired by Nature” evolves the spirit of barefoot luxury living. While celebrating 15 years of the SEASHELL collection and introducing the MU collection with Mystique Fiber, the brand showcases an expansion of the KIDA collection by Stephen Burks and premieres new designs by Studio Bellini and Samuel Wilkinson. Join us on a journey where design and nature converge, redefining outdoor elegance and sustainable luxury. DEDON evokes a profound connection to freedom, inviting exploration of their pioneering designs and innovation in DEDON Fiber without limits.

Visit our booth at Hall 9 – L01/L03

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by Claudio Bellini

An Archipelago of Style

Dive into Claudio Bellini’s captivating world of ATOLO, where self-expression is celebrated in its most natural form. Imagined as an archipelago of atolls, ATOLO's modularity invites you to create a harmonious, welcoming environment suited to your space.

The trio of grounded silhouettes—Lounge chair, Footstool & 2-Seater—comes in five different color variants, each consisting of a weave of three harmonious tones of DEDON Fibers. ATOLO might be anchored in its environment, but it is by no means constricting: Each seat’s gently sloped back and armrests mimic the weightless freedom of floating from one island to the next—uncovering the depths of the sea’s secrets along the way.

“Thanks to the remarkable combination of DEDON Fiber and the expertise of the DEDON master weavers, we achieved an excellent harmony of elements and details.” 

- Claudio Bellini


by Samuel Wilkinson

Embark on a journey of tranquility with FLLAIR, Samuel Wilkinson's debut dining collection for DEDON. Drawing inspiration from the rugged allure of Fiskardo, nestled on the northern tip of the Greek island of Kefalonia, each piece encapsulates the serene essence of coastal living. Like discovering a hidden cove along the rocky Grecian coast, FLLAIR celebrates the harmonious balance between resilience and softness. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the semi-open weave delicately drapes over every curve of the Armchair and Round table base. The gentle hues of 'sundust' seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, evoking the warmth of sun-kissed shores. An ergonomic backrest invites relaxation and reprieve.

“My intention was to design a collection that not only captivates instantly with its graphic aesthetic, but also brings further delight through exploring the intricate detailing.” 

- Samuel Wilkinson


by Jean-Marie Massaud

Experience the relaxed refinement of SEASHELL NUO by Jean-Marie Massaud, a revival of DEDON's iconic SEASHELL collection. Alongside the beloved SEASHELL NUO side chair, armchair and lounge chair, the collection welcomes SEASHELL GRANDE, the new Wing chair. Handcrafted by DEDON’s master weavers, this collection combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. The updated SEASHELL range introduces DEDON's EcoCycle Fiber derived from sugarcane, offering sustainability without compromising style.

SEASHELL NUO presents a selection of natural hues, drawing inspiration from oceanic treasures and hinting at the hidden gems sealife has to offer.

“This evolution of SEASHELL inspires an idea of continuity in time, the consistency of products we love for a long time.” 

- Jean-Marie Massaud


by Jean-Marie Massaud

In 2025, the SEASHELL GRANDE wing chair debuts as an exciting newcomer to the collection, redefining the essence of relaxation and style. Designed to envelop the body gently, this addition evokes a sense of security and tranquility, reminiscent of a seashell's embrace.

From furniture to store interiors, to a world-famous football stadium, Jean-Marie Massaud is renowned for his signature mix of elegance and comfort, heritage and zeitgeist.

“This evolution of SEASHELL inspires an idea of continuity in time, the consistency of products we love for a long time.” 

- Jean-Marie Massaud


by Stephen Burks

With KIDA, Stephen Burks has conceived a collection as delightful to behold as to experience. DEDON's first collection wrapped—rather than woven—in DEDON Fiber, KIDA features a cradle-like organic form that's open, airy, and inviting. Building upon the success of the KIDA hanging lounge chair and armchair, the lounge chair elevates the collection to new heights. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the KIDA lounge chair offers the perfect setting for long hours of relaxation and conversation under the open skies, thanks to its ergonomic design and luxurious upholstery. Experience the joy of gathering with loved ones in the comfort of the KIDA lounge chair, where every moment is made extraordinary.

“I've always thought of KIDA as a collection, a family of products that invites extreme comfort, gatherings, and escape.” 

- Stephen Burks


by Toan Nguyen

MU by Toan Nguyen is a modular lounge system of understated elegance and exceptional versatility. Easily adapted to any living space, it combines the comfort, modular logic and compact proportions of the best indoor systems with the kind of lightness, durability and weatherability only DEDON can provide. An ideal choice for chill-out, play or conversation areas, the collection is equally suited to large gatherings and intimate get-togethers. The weave of DEDON's Mystique Fiber possesses a 3D effect created using a new technique that combines two strongly contrasting colors in one strand, resulting in a dynamic surface that shifts in appearance depending on the viewing angle. With the incorporation of this DEDON Fiber innovation, MU remains pared-back yet striking. The colorway ‘mystique dusk’ supports the collections legacy of understated elegance with a touch of boldness.

“To me, MU embodies serene simplicity. The incorporation of the new Mystique Fiber in its redesign introduces a dynamic surface that enhances the clean lines of the design effortlessly.” 

- Toan Nguyen


by Henrik Pedersen

Easy elegance meets contemporary ease in BELLMONDE by Henrik Pedersen.

Armchairs and Lounge chairs join the versatile BELLMONDE table to form a larger ensemble that’s ideal for bringing people together for dining, conversing, or simply lounging in style, whether by sunshine or starlight. From mid-2024, BELLMONDE introduces a new addition to its existing table lineup: teakwood tabletops, providing the opportunity to mix and match with the armchairs, lounge chairs, and other collections.