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Spirit of Place


Innovative evolution: DEDON consistently follows the path of digitalization, creating new possibilities for the presentation of iconic outdoor furniture through unique DEDON worlds.

A world full of experiences, inspirations and stories. A new dimension in which nature, design, heritage, innovation and craftsmanship entwine. With ‘Spirit of Place’, DEDON unveils a completely new approach to its unique brand. “For over 30 years, we’ve been traveling the world, discovering people, stories and places that inspire us. In the process, a realization emerged: It’s the energy that makes a place unique. The feeling of having arrived,” says DEDON’s Creative Director Julia Shapovalova. Launched in 2022, ‘Spirit of Place’ will be the core of DEDON’s brand communication in the coming years.

Virtuosic and virtual: SPIRIT OF PLACE presents DEDON in the brand´s own worlds.

To be where we feel comfortable — that is the luxury of our times. ‘Spirit of Place’ is a tribute to this belief and DEDON furniture is the ideal platform for experiencing it. This year, three virtual DEDON worlds have told stories filled with perfect moments, whether indoors or under the open skies. These first three brand worlds — ‘Mysterious Desert’, ‘Spiritual Mountain’ and ‘Endless Ocean’ — remain at the center of DEDON communication for now, and will be joined by a new world, ‘Secret Lakeside’, in 2023.