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Thanks to its cosy, protective, organic structure, NESTREST transforms your typical garden sofa into a small architectural piece, one that offers you a secluded, suspended sanctuary as it gently rocks you and puts you at ease like a warm embrace. It’s the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations. Created by Fred Frety & Daniel Pouzet, two longtime collaborators of DEDON design partner Jean-Marie Massaud, NESTREST was inspired by the shapes, textures and colors found in nature, and by the sophisticated design of certain bird nests.

Designed by

Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety

Fred Frety‘s reinterpretations of natural forms connect people to their innermost emotions. His designs are created by a distinctive process based on the principles of contemplation and questioning. DEDON Collection: NESTREST

Daniel Pouzet studied in Paris and his native Bucharest. His work combines architectural rigor with a sense of fantasy and play, frequently drawing inspiration from the natural world. DEDON Collections: NESTREST, SWINGREST